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  • My first novel started with a mole. Yes, a MOLE - a freckle, a birthmark, whatever you want to call it.
  • I was at the pool with my daughter getting ignored by our swim instructor when a lifeguard with a particularly ripped abdomen walked by. He stopped to flirt with one of the female lifeguards and my eyes flew directly to an adorable mole on the top can of his six-pack.
  • "How cute!" I thought (among other things). "He looks like a character in a romance novel!"
  • So I went home and started writing fiction for the first time. That was over a year ago and I still haven't been able to stop. GRAVY is the story of a suburban housewife who wants another baby, but gets a man with a mole instead.
  • GRAVY is now available on Kindle and Nook!

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June 16, 2012


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I was wondering what happened to the church thing. I really enjoyed reading both you & Joel....what's the scoop on that?

Faraway Reader

Good post !
Hope we can hear more about Year of Sundays.


No regrets girl! You're the person you are because of what you've been through. And that person is pretty kick ass!


The church project was very enjoyable. But like most of Amanda's projects it seems to have died on the vine.

She's blaming and I see she has mentioned something on her twitter about a lawsuit. This girl loves throwing that "lawsuit" word around. Of course, they never amount to anything either.

Curious to know what she's going to give up on next? The chickens? Her quasi Portlandia farm life? The pube pulling that she talks about loving SO much it is kind of suspicious? This medical marijuana set up that she's kind of sort of but not really involved in? THAT one remains a headscratcher.


I have a friend who is an AMAZING operations/office manager and was just laid off I think. In portland....I will send her through your company's site...she's amazing (not a user either) and damn, I digress. I will send her through the clinic's website.

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