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May 21, 2012


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Evening Primrose Oil supplements ... definitely work for me, but you do need to keep on the case for at least a month to see the effects!


i know ive mentioned it before, but if you havent tried yet yet consider taking niacin, zinc and magnesium supplements. Also, stream Food Matters on netflix - it changed my life and my mental health.


Is doing something about that monthly visitor an option? I took Depo for 20 years to prevent ovarian cysts, and side effect was no period. I've went though mentalpause while on it, and now, since I no longer ovulate (which is when the cysts would form), I no longer need the Depo. I'm not sure if the Depo had anything to do with my gradual weight gain over the years, as I had a problem with that before starting it.

If you feel your crazies is related to your cycle, maybe doing something about your cycle??


I think you should try practicing some DBT (dialectical behavior therapy). It has been very helpful for people dealing with similar issues to yours. (P.S. I am being serious here and not snarky)


We must be on the same cycle schedule! I yelled at my kids last night and then went oooooh (lightbulb!) at about 9pm when I was inhaling chocolate covered cranberries.

This is the brand of BC pill that has helped me a LOT in the past couple of months - LEVONORGESTREL-ETHINYL ESTRADIOL 0.15-30 MG-MCG - brand name Altavera. My insurance company (the bastards) switched me to some generic brand an it did *not* have the same PMDD-diminishing effects. I had to send a weepy email to my doc to force the scrip back to Altavera.

Obviously, it's not a 100% solution (see above re: chocolate covered cranberries) but it's made life a lot more bearable for me & everyone else around me....


I take Cymbalta with a bit of Buspar for the same issues you have. It's worked wonders.


I was put on Effexor for this same reason, but it made me feel awful. So then I thought, why am I on this type if medicine for what is clearly a hormonal issue? So I dropped it and went in the pill (yasmin) and have been fine ever since. I did note a drop in my libido, but apparently that doesn't happen to all.


St. John's Wort. Works for me. And I have the pleasant side effect of crazy vividly dreams.

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