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May 23, 2012


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Happy Birthday, Genoa!! Amanda, she still looks like that little baby in the first picture!


Wow. Identified with so much of this post, except mine's a boy, lol! Glad you're posting more often too - miss hearing from you!


Happy Birthday Genoa!!!!

Stephanie Precourt

This is all so true. Happy birthday to her, and you, and I get your words so much.

I also really, really like your hair.


Faraway Reader

Wow her looks are the same as the first sweet pic, what a doll she is !!
Love this post !!!!


Aww! Hope you two had a fun day! Looking forward to seeing you both this weekend. It's amazing how clear her "baby" features are--so getting confused on whose baby pic that is!


I know how you feel, my 16 year old is quite a handful, hang in there sounds like your a great mom to me. Happy 6th Birthday Genoa!

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