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May 08, 2012


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I love the hair evolution! I absolutely think the new hairstyle is perfect and if it makes your boobs look bigger...BONUS! Have a great day!


This will seem like an obvious question, but if you keep the blonde, won't your hair all eventually break off?

Or are you keeping the blonde and losing the platinum?

Way to have fun with your hair!

cindy w

You're really lucky that you can pull off the blonde thing. I tried it when I was in my early 20s, and it... did not end well.

I haven't colored my hair in over 10 years. And next week is my last wedding anniversary before my divorce is finalized. I'm thinking I might celebrate it by getting some highlights. (Well, either that or calling my "friend with benefits" to come over after the kids are asleep... Oh what the hell, I might do both.)

momma toast in NJ

Amanda, you look good, girl, no matter the color or cut! I'm jealous. (I always wanted your "mermaid" hair) I can see you changing styles and colors over the years...just for fun...and because you can! Enjoy!


I love it! And you totally look great as a blonde, so this is a good plan. I think your idea to cut it shorter in the back is a good one. I have a similar haircut, and it works better with less bulk in the back.


I think short hair is liberating. Plus it's easy to keep up with. Hair grows - if you want the back shorter, you should cut it.

I take a straight razor to my ends and piece (and thin) my hair often because I like the frazzled look even though mine isn't bleached. I've been trying to grow it out but there is something about having it short that just feels better. And like you, when my hair is longer it just ends up in a messy bun or ponytail. Shorter hair feels more versatile. Your cut looks really good on you too.

PS - since I've had my hair cut my breasts appear bigger too. I don't know what kind of phenomenon it is that does this, but clearly big busted and blonde is meant to go hand in hand.

Amanda P. Westmont


When I first went from red to blond, I had bleach on my head for over six hours. That hair was TOAST. This haircut got rid of  all that hair and left me with what's grown in since then. Even though it's processed, it's much softer.

Faraway Reader

Love this post! You really can wear all those all styles well ! I have highlights that are the colour of your hair and I use salon shampoo and conditioner(Red.ken), I also get treatments done when I am at the salon but it is still a constant battle against breakage and dryness. Like you, I love being blonde and it is "me" so I try and make it work.

Love to see you happy and I like the new short style !!! I bet it is so easy, less drying time also !


The haircut is darling and looks great as does the blonde color! I've been growing out my hair for several years and the "Sharon Stone" has made me consider cutting it!

Christine De Alen

Grrl, you have been sexy throughout, and the blond is just plain sexy ! love the new haircut and softness. :)

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