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April 03, 2012


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I'm sad about Allison too! She was so cute!

cindy w

Genoa makes me laugh. "IN THE FACE!!" Oh man. She's going to join PETA and become a vegan someday when she puts it all together.

So sorry about Allison. Poor thing.


I think I'm a little bit scared of Genoa. And it kills me she had to reiterate just where she was going to punch you.


Off topic, but...

Do you think you'll be resuming the religion blog? Or should I just quit refreshing the site? No pressure, just wondering.

Amanda P. Westmont

We're actually in contract negotiations with Beliefnet, so stay tuned. We're hoping to just bring it back to and call it our own!


Good to hear it! The invite to Forest Grove still stands... :)

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