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April 29, 2012


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I think your hair will look FABULOUS like that! And congrats on massive garage cleanup, which is enormously satisfying and provides a lovely self-respect boost, am I right?


Oh great.. now I feel like crap because my garage needs a cleaning probably twelve times worse than yours did (that's a scientific calculation by the way) and I can't even wrap my brain around attempting it between school, wifely things (which at the moment consists of desperately trying not to physically harm the bastard) and mothering five kids. One of whom is four months old.

meme your garage is like another living room (with storage! bonus!), not, you know, a place to store the car(s)? I must be doing it wrong.

cindy w

I think the Sharon Stone haircut will look fab on you. I'm just fascinated at how much you've evolved from your curly red mermaid hair a few years ago to this. Evolution is great, don't get me wrong. Just... whoa. I wonder if people who knew you in CA would even recognize you.

Also: does your garage have a mural??

Amanda P. Westmont

Ha Cindy! The funny thing is I feel more ME, like myself, with blond crazy hair than I ever did with my mom ponytail. And yes. The garage has a mural. It belongs to the owner and it was one of the few things he didn't want us to change about the house.

Also - the garage is CARPETED, which is super fun for pine needle removal, but not exactly a room where I want to park my car. Especially since it's also the only way to get downstairs and/or to the basement.


It looks ah. maz. ing! That cut is gonna be super sassy on you and I LOVE it! Can't wait for Saturday!

Faraway Reader

I must ask, do you hate your Dyson?? Did it break? I am debating one and just wondering.
LOL at the pine needle removal!!

Amanda P. Westmont

I have a love/hate relationship with my Dyson. It has broken many times and I've probably spent $200-$300 repairing it during the five years I've owned it. It bugs me that it isn't self-propelled. It doesn't have a self-retracting cord. It's a pain to change from carpet mode to wand mode. It's HEAVY.

All that said... I've never had a vacuum that sucks better. It does that part well.

Faraway Reader

Thanks Amanda, glad to read "real life" reviews.

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