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April 17, 2012


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Anger sucks but it's not something to be scared of. I agree with Joel, embrace it and live with it. It's as important as happiness and sadness and everything in between. It'll keep you authentic and true. And in the end, that's all we can ask of ourselves.


I can't figure out the words for how this makes me feel. Introspective maybe? There's a chance I'm using that word wrong.

I am angry. Furious. And the more I try not to let it out the more useless I get because I'm a big ball of trying to contain my fury.

So today I dropped that in to deep cleaning the shit out of my house. It's a step. But I think Joel is right that we need to court our anger and figure out what makes it tick to use it to our advantage. He's a smart one.

A.J. Swoboda

Just started running again myself and have been reminded about how much I disrespect being healthy. It just isn't as fun as it used to be in my twenties. The closer I get to social security, the less I enjoy getting healthy.

You are better than me ;)


I know that exercise does wonders for my psyche and yet I am so wiped out from "duking it out" all day that I have no energy for physical exercise. I need to be better about that. You know, I went through this in middle school and it was hell. It was torture for my mom who was so gracious toward me through all of my struggles. I am so grateful for her kind and loving response, because if she had not worked with me then to get my anger under control, I might very well be in the same exact place that you find yourself.

I do want to encourage you to keep working through it and find a way to appropriately respond to your anger. It is so hard, but it will make the world of a difference for you, for your children and for Joel.

Keep working at it. You have overcome so much and you may have a ways to go, but you can do it. It's sort of like losing weight, look how far you have come!! You've gotten rid of the dead weight(s) and had to change your habit and you're on the road to recovery. You're going to get there.


Hormones. Isn't that why Rosie O'Donnell was a raging beotch not long ago? I seem to remember reading about how she got some in depth hormone testing done that proved to play a huge part in her anger issues. Just a thought.


Anger is a useful emotion for sure, it tells us what we are passionate about, what is important to us. Being understood. Setting and reinforcing boundaries. Releasing fears. I've thought about anger management for myself, too..but I think my issues have to do with neglecting responsibilities and then having shit blow up all at once...that makes me angry with :/ Much love to you, sista!

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