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February 10, 2012


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you should have called this post 7-7-7.


I was on Effexor and I loved it. L O V E D loved it. I did have trouble orgasming at first, but that truly did abate after the first few months. I hope it works for you as well!


While I'm happy you're feeling great on the Effexor, be careful on your dosing. Coming off of it is really hard and even if you miss a dose or two you get these little zaps to your brain. It's not a fun feeling. But hopefully your side effects are minimal. I ended up with the sexual ones, it took a while after I weaned myself off the meds to get back to normal.

Andrea Burgardt

My dog is on human insulin and it's 64 freaking dollars at Target, my pharmacy of choice.
The price at Sam's Club? 24.99.
I wanted to bill Target for all the months I wasted my money with them.
I also want to kill my dog. But hey, he's old. His time is almost up.
Anyone want a mini-schnauzer? I have two. I'll only give you the healthy one!!! No joke...


I really do like to think that had I been in your queue at Costco I would have "recognised" you as a friend and put your trolley-load through on my membership card - what a shame that nobody had the presence of mind to do that for you. Although we are all guilty of unthinking "bubble" living at times and people may just not have been aware?


What Sally said, except I would have said "line" instead of "queue" and "stuff" instead of "trolley-load". It sounds much better the way she said it.

Dana Calhoun

Hey Amanda! I take Buspar along with Prozac which helps the Orgasmic Issue. If I were you I would have FOUGHT Costco - especially with a $300 cart staring that bitch in the face! What a whore. And yes, I do understand what it feels like to purchase food at Costco, with an Executive Business Membership WITH my Food Stamp Card! Looks like we're all in the same boat. :)


Maybe Costco is great for generics, but I just excitedly checked for D's medication (not yet available in generic)and phooey, it was way higher than Walgreens--so I guess it always pays to shop around.

I bet Costco is very strict about not having its employees/managers allow purchases on expired cards or on their own cards, or else everyone would try to circumvent the rules. The manager might have been reprimanded or even lost her job if she accommodated you. I'm actually feeling sorry for the minimum wage employee who had to re-shelve all your stuff in addition to his regular duties.

Wish I could get Tillamook cheap...


I just had to mention that:
A) I bought that same bag of peppers from Winco (with my food stamps). They are beautiful and YUMMY!

B)I just started Zoloft yesterday... apparently it's the safest for use while breastfeeding... well FML because I'm pretty sure my clit is going to go on strike and this shit is making me feel loopy as hell already.

C) Costco is great but I have checked several times and the prices at Winco are just as good - and you don't have to store enough bananas to make 27 loaves of banana bread in order to cash in on the savings - which is awesome!

D) Why not get a card???


Which Costco? I'll look into it.

cindy w

I wish that I was in Oregon or you were in North Carolina, because I'm about to book my first Brazilian (funny story I should tell you about that, but not online!) and I'm absolutely terrified. I'm digging up that "first time waxing client" post you wrote a while ago to help ease my mind.

So sorry about your experience at Costco. That manager should be ashamed.

Canadian Rachel

Hugs. I remember those kind of insurance hassles, and being grateful to doctors (and pharmacists) who were willing to bend the rules and be compassionate human beings. The Canadian system has its own shortcomings, but I don't miss the insurance nightmares.


DO NOT MISS A DOSE OF EFFEXOR. The withdrawal is a bitch. You'd feel better if you repeatedly spun yourself around on an office chair while huffing turpentine.


I just recently found your blog and I am SO GLAD you write about these experiences so openly. I've worked with people on public assistance, and few of them (well, this might be changing with our shit economy) have the skills to write about it with the clarity you do. You put a human face on what is -too often- a stereotype. THANK YOU!


About the Costco issue... My husband worked for Costco for YEARS. It was, by far, the BEST employer I've ever had experience with. I strongly, strongly! encourage you to write to corporate, or call the 800 customer service number and tell them about your experience. That type of manager is NOT the kind Costco want working for them, and they will never know unless you can take ten minutes to tell them.


I totally agree with Kim. Costco is huge on customer service - you should definitely call and let them know what happened.


Don't do effexor. The side effects and withdrawal are horrible and evil.

Look into Prozac. I have anxiety and panic disorder that used to be treated with Effexor. Now I'm on prozac and it's lovely. It's also $16 without insurance a month.

Seriously, Effexor gives you brain zaps and naseau, as well as manic behavior at times. It's really awful

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