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January 18, 2012


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You know what I think? I think it's normal to be broken. As things around you are fixed, you will be too. :)

When our power goes out in the winter, we all like to get out the sleeping bags and sleep in front of the fire. It's fun when it's ONCE in a while.

Carla Goodrich

Of course you choose HOPE~~~ Because what the hell else is there??!!! YOU are an IDEALIST, grllllll!!! Just like the rest of us, all of us!!! hang tight, your happy moment is a commmmmmmin'''' yes, she is!!! smile chick. we love you!!! xxxoooxxxx just burn that into your brain! yes???!! It all comes down to threee little eeeeennnnie tiny letters!~ YES. remember that!

cindy w

Oh man, what a horrible week.

I hope this phase is short-lived, and that everything starts to feel healed and un-broken as soon as humanly possible. Hang in there.


I have xanax that I refer to as my security xanax. I rarely take it, but just knowing that it's right there in my purse helps me deal with my anxiety. I completely understand how just having the means to fix something makes it all better. Hang in there!

Amanda Mae

Just... everything you write inspires me to be better. Thanks for helping me deal with all the crap in my life by writing about all the crap in yours. You are amazing.


Trazadone = YUCK
I just stopped taking it after my doctor added it to supplement my other old-ass anti-depressant, thinking that it would be sedating and make me sleepy. And let me tell you... all it did for me was make me HUNGRY and KILL KILL KILL my sex drive. I dropped it like a bad habit last week, and after just two days of withdrawals (I was only on it for a year I think), I feel so much better than I did while I was on it.

Anyway, if I may, I'll like to make a suggestion. I have generalized anxiety disorder (and insomnia, OF COURSE) and I've been on meds for about 11 years now. I recently discovered that taking potassium and magnesium every day (in addition to my crazy pills, of course) helps SO amazingly much by keeping my muscles relaxed, which prevents the severe muscle tension I got, which in turns helps me to fall asleep. Crazy, right? VITAMINS.

You'll get it. Everything will fall into place. Nothing is ever perfect, but that would be boring anyway, right? Sorry about the bad week... I'm currently driving my mom's car (how embarrassing) as our transmission burned up (AGAIN) about a month ago, and we're frantically trying to save up money for a down payment for another vehicle, and... ugh. I feel your pain.


I have no idea about the meds, but the car thing sounds like a problem I once had. It did that for about 2 weeks. It'd die while driving down the road. I'd put it in neutral and start it back up just fine. Then it was dead forever. Apparently the block was cracked, whatever that means. I have no idea if it could have been fixed or not, but it's worth looking at in case if you have anyone that could check for you.


People look at me like I have two heads when I tell them how much I love snow. Because it muffles things. It makes cities hush entirely. It makes a dead lawn sparkle. It reflects the sun. It falls from the sky like glitter! What's not to love?

Nothing better and more cleansing than a peaceful session of snow-watching.


Man, have I been there with "the things they are a breakin'." At some point it will all right itself. You are doing great, girl. Gratitude is the way to go.

Sending a virtual hug even though I don't know you. :-)


Amen for Zoloft. I am suprised your dr. didn't tell you to take it at night with supper the 1st few weeks as it makes you woozy The firt few weeks as you increase the dosage. Did the pharmacist tell or doctor tell you to take it with a full meal so you don't get heart burn? If I don't, I get wicked heartburn for 2-3 hours after I take it.


ktjrdn - a cracked engine block can't be "fixed" it requires a complete rebuild or a new engine. It sounds more like a fuel filter or sensor issue luckily they are both easy fixes. If it's the engine temp sensor it make sense that it restarts fine after sitting. Basically the engine is being sent the wrong timing because it thinks the engine is cold so when the engine does cool down the problem is fixed until it heats up again.

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