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  • My first novel started with a mole. Yes, a MOLE - a freckle, a birthmark, whatever you want to call it.
  • I was at the pool with my daughter getting ignored by our swim instructor when a lifeguard with a particularly ripped abdomen walked by. He stopped to flirt with one of the female lifeguards and my eyes flew directly to an adorable mole on the top can of his six-pack.
  • "How cute!" I thought (among other things). "He looks like a character in a romance novel!"
  • So I went home and started writing fiction for the first time. That was over a year ago and I still haven't been able to stop. GRAVY is the story of a suburban housewife who wants another baby, but gets a man with a mole instead.
  • GRAVY is now available on Kindle and Nook!

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August 25, 2011


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moosh in indy.

That ugly cry is the most beautiful happy cry I've ever seen.


This just made my day! rock!


I know how this feels. I'm still trying to figure out a way to give back too.


Sure you don't believe in God?


I am still going to send you something after I get paid. There's always next month! :D <3


Though I wish I was in that beautiful long list of donations; I'm in a far too similar predicament. Its eat or put gas in my car; pay one of the small bills or get school supplies for Monkey for her freshman year in high school. However, I am one of the many many many more who just thought of you; prayed for you; and just loved you. Miracles do happen when we care for others as much as we care for ourselves.


YES YES YES. I am so happy for you!


I have tears streaming down my face. I'm so happy for you that you felt the love. That's worth so much more than the small amount of money I sent. So much more.


That is fucking amazing! Seriously? The goodwill of people floors me.


Just imagining such kindness and the hope that can bring is emotional for me. Still no light at the end of my tunnel but I have faith that it can't stay this hard for too long. I'm so happy for you. I could almost feel the weight that must have lifted for you!


So happy enough of us were able to pull together. Besides, it was totally in our own interests - if your internet gets shut down, how on earth will we be able to read your blog!?! Seriously, glad to see the nice girl win once in a while :)


I'm so happy for you! AND? THANK YOU! You made my day today- which I totally needed since yesterday was a day filled with mini anxiety attacks and heart palpitations courtesy of stress. You guys? Amanda is helping me with my bills courtesy of your generosity and love! So thank you all!

Jenny H.

The light at the very end of my own personal tunnel is RIGHT close I can almost taste it. Girl, I have SO been there. Except for the Evil Husband. I still have mine. And I am grateful that we were able to work things out. Every single day. He's MY Joel. Always has been...

That having been said, I really do know what it's like to feel that kinda love from your friends. And sometimes people you don't even know. It's humbling in a way that you have never felt before. And could never feel, until you have BEEN there.

I don't often comment, but I have been a fan since TNL, and of course Mandajuice. My daily struggles are somewhat similar to yours. The thing that I admire most about you? Your ABSOLUTE refusal to be someone that you so obviously are not, and maybe never have been. I LIKE this Amanda. I might even heart her. This is balls-to-the-wall REAL LIFE. And I'm here for the duration.


And PS? When I can finally make it through my tunnel? THERE WILL BE A DONATION TO YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT. I BELIEVE IN YOU!


Now you made ME cry!

But seriously. You are loved. You are Loved by a big, big Love.


lcg, god had didn't click that paypal button; Amanda's readers did. :) God had nothin' to do with that, sweetie.

I wasn't one of those who donated because of my sitch at home, single income with 3 kids and stay at home dad, but I'm happy to see you happy. That ugly cry is beautiful.


This just made my day! Goodwill is right! Thank you for sharing your story and for your honesty. By the way, its because of your posts about brazilians that I first got one. I thank you and my husband thanks you. I LOVE them!


I love it when the internet is used for good...


Wow that made me feel good and I didnt even donate! =D I wanted too but I only had 21 cents in my account for the last week. I was along for the with the ride with you except I considered myself lucky because that balance was after things were paid.

I'll tell you there are really awesome people in the world, sometimes we forget for every buttwipe there are ten greats.


Love this! I especially love that you're going to pay it forward 10 fold. You mentioned before that you never gave to charities before, and I just think it's so damn cool that being the recipient of good deeds has inspired you to do the same someday, when you can. Love that about human nature.


I love this. . .and I'm with lcg---God definitely had a hand in this! ;)

Faraway Reader

I triple love this !! and your picture makes me so happy ! And I love your readers. That is just awesome and I KNOW you will pay it forward when you can ! Yay you !!!


You win at the internet because you posted an ugly cry picture.

This just reinforces my belief that people are inherently good. I love people.


In no way an ugly cry! It was beautiful. And how gracious of you to want to share times ten when you're able. You will get there!

Lorinda Morey

So glad Amanda! Keep going!!

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