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August 31, 2011


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Bah. I'm sorry that he's a douche and you're having to deal with that bullshit.
You know if you need me for anything, just let me know.


First of all... Served for what?!
And secondly, I have to comment on the fact that your kids are wearing long sleeves in the photo. We are in our 32nd (ish) day of triple digit heat even topping the record histroicsl high of 109°F with 110°F two days ago. We have also had over 200 days of no rain, but we just started hurricane season here on the texas gulf coast, so we shoulf get to flooding like normal pretty soon. But long sleeves? Not till january, and then only for about 2 weeks!


Up until this moment, I could have been nice to him.

Attorney at Large

Wow and WTF. That's beyond uncool.




Served for WHAT?!? Way to leave us hanging!!


Clearly the only use of his law degree is bullying you. Good grief man, does it ever end?


I LOVE Genoa's outfit. Hello kitty is my fave.

And, sadly, it's all a game for him, isn't it?! He can't stand that you aren't down on your luck. Even when your money was drying up, you still recognized that you were in a far better place than before. Dave is not well, not well at all, and my sense is that he hasn't been for a very long time, maybe his whole adulthood. I'm sorry that he can't figure out how to move on. If it's any comfort, I heard today that the dictionary now has a name for him..."boomerang child", which is a child who couldn't make it on his own so he has to go running back to mom's house. I think that's pretty telling.

You're are still far richer than you were when you were married, even if the wealth isn't monetary. Hugs and prayers for you and your lovely family.


Are you up? I'm dying to call you.


Damn...way to ruin a good day.


Ditto the above commenter who said he is using his law degree to bully you. Keep your head held high mama.


Dave's a wiener. How sad his life must be.

More importantly though, oh my gosh does Genoa look just like you in these pictures. What incredibly beautiful children you have!


What could he possibly be coming after you for? This is the man who blatantly participated in you being stalked! Would any judge in his right mind give that man ANYTHING?! Certainly not a change in the custody agreement. You don't say what he is suing you for but whatever it is he is clearly an idiot.
I have my own ex-asshole... I'm lucky in that mine isn't intelligent enough to ever pull crap like this. I'm sorry yours has the knowledge to be a giant pain in your ass!


What a douche. He is such a bitter betty. I hope you find a free law service that will help you defend yourself in this baseless lawsuit. Maybe one of his old co-workers that hate him will help you out pro bono.

Shaking my head.


It's so sad when people can't let go of a relationship that is clearly over and the other person has moved on. I've seen this happen before where an individual can't stand to see his ex happy and does everything he can to make her miserable including up to and including bogus lawsuits. The legal aspect is so difficult because it takes so long to deal with and clouds everything. Stay strong.


So Sorry! Ummm, served for WHAT??????? Pretty please let us know...............

Kerri Lynn


What is the big deal about it being the first day of school? I mean, it was not like it was your birthday or Christmas. August 31- just another Wednesday.

What could Dave possibly be "suing" you for? There are MANY items with which someone could be served- not necessarily a "lawsuit". Maybe Dave is finally sick of you systematically destroying his reputation (regardless of what is true or not)on your blog. There is no need to drag your children's father's name through the mud in this public forum.

Since you conveniently left out what he is actually "suing" you for, I am left to wonder whether or not Dave is going after you because what you have been saying is untrue and he wants it to stop (as anyone would).

Here is a thought- why don't you just scan all of the pages of what you were served with and post them? Goodness knows you post photos of everything else. Although, it is all public record now, so anyone could see, read or get a copy of this if they were so inclined.

I am sure we are in for another "Stay Tuned" or "Coming Soon" post that really says nothing (like this post). Gotta keep the drama going. Grief. Maybe could you just stop playing the victim for 5 minutes...


Well-it's clear Dave has nothing better to do than mooch off his mom and make life a living hell for you. Way to find SOMETHING to do with that law degree Dave! Ass. . . .

On another note-your kids are adorable. Hope they had a great day and when you hear a strange noise from south of you next Tuesday morning-that would be me on Josie's first day of kindergarten!


I wish I was there so we could drink a few Dark-n-Stormies together on your patio. Dave is building up some incredible karma he is going to have to work through at some point. I am so sorry you have to have this stress, and that he obviously orchestrates timing on things to cause optimal stress for you. What a loser he is. Classy, too!


Wow, Keri Lynn, have you gone across the internet asking parents why they're making a big deal out of the first day of school? It's what everyone is talking about. It'd be more appropriate for an adult parent to get excited about his/her own birthday? Come on.

Kerri Lynn

@Sara- Would there have been a better day for her to get served? I mean, Monday is supposedly her first day of work- should that be the day- or is that Vag Stylist Appreciation Day, so that's out? Or maybe the autumnal equinox? My point was that it was stupid to even mention that it was the kids' first day of school- implying that Dave was a bigger, badder jerk because he picked that day. The court and the process server determine when someone is served-so I would imagine that Dave had nothing to do with when that happened. Besides, the kids were already home with Amanda- school was over for the day. My point was that Amanda makes everything over dramatic.

And interesting that you only get hung up on the first day of school comment- what about everything else? Like that fact that she doesn't tell anyone what she was served with, but sure makes a big deal about being served so she can prolong the drama and keep the readers, who seem to swallow half-truths and mixed up facts and information, coming back for more.


Amanda is over-dramatic? What a newsflash! I'm so glad we got that cleared up . . .


Oh, Keri Lynn, the lady doth protest too much, methinks. Enjoy the Boomerang Child.


Granted, i think her not telling us why she was served is part of Amanda's "keep hangin' on" thread, but DAMN!

To ask what the big deal about her posting the kids first day of school is just mean. It may not be a big deal to you, but maybe it is to her. (Hell, it is to me with my children) If you dont like what she posts, why do you still read her blog?

If you didnt like what you read or saw in playboy, would you still read it?

Use the same concept. If her posts upset you, piss you off or just make you pissy, you should probably avoid reading it. That, my dear, is common sense.

And as for Dave, There's 3 sides to every story. Hers, His, and the truth.

I'm here for the story. I never know whose right or wrong, i figure there are way to many details i am not privy to, but its like a book to me with never ending chapters. LOL

I think it's easy to make shitty comments and bitch at someone on their blog because you can "write checks with your mouth that your ass can't cash" Therefore, I wonder if you knew Amanda personally if you would be so ugly to her.

And if you do know her personally and your still bitching on her blog (as opposed to actually saying it to her face), i have no choice but to form the opinion that your a pussy.

BTW, how the hell do you know what the readers swallow? Amanda posts make me wanna throw up sometimes. Jesus, i think, get a fucking job, get your shit together, awe...thats awesome, He's such a cutie, great job!......I think all of these things at different times and rarely do i comment but again, DAMN! I never feel the need to just be a bitch to her, ITS HER LIFE, HER DRAMA, HER HAPPINESS, HER MISERY. Read or dont read, either way, stop being a bitch.

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