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April 12, 2011


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I think you should create a sister site: A Year of Saturdays and review all of the Portland strip clubs!


Haha - law degree!!!


You've heard of/seen the movie "Zombie Strippers," right? It's a real gem! A gross, slutty, very funny gem.


First, Jamie beat me to it. I was going to propose the year of strip clubs. Second, I cannot wait to read the comments on this one. I better get some nice wine and check back later tonight.


A Year of Saturdays: We check for silicon so you don't have to.


This doesn't surprise me in the least. When I was in Portland a few weeks back friend and I ended up in a gay night club - not knowing it was. There were always 3 men dancing at a time and these men were beautiful! So glad we happened upon it.


I can't wait to read the comments on this one! It's been years since my husband and I went to a strip club together. Maybe I should suggest it for our next date night...

Brian Moon

Some of the most amazing, real, gorgeous strippers I know dance at the Acrop. I have to stick up for my neighborhood School of Dance!

But, yeah. Your pie chart is awesome.


I'm with lolismum, I can't wait for the comments on this one! (laughing)


I'm still not sure why WE haven't gone out to the clubs together yet! I love strip clubs, and they love me!


The only strip club in my hometown is one that I have been to and will never return to! I was working in the ER one night and a stripper came in from this club with a VERY LARGE abscess on her labia. We couldn't decide if she got it from the pole or a nasty customer. We also couldn't decide if it should be filed as a Worker's Comp claim. Wish we had some decent ones that my husband and I could hit up on date night!


I was totally with you and not the least bit offended UNTIL you said, "I feel like I'm directly contributing to the arts."

Just own your love of strip clubs. Plenty of women like them. Don't feel like you have to justify it. It's not an art form. It's an entreprenuerial activity done by savvy business women who use their bodies as their capital assets.

Amanda P. Westmont


Ha! That was a JOKE! Contributing to arts = stuffing dollars into their g-strings. Directly. As in, right up close, when they fog my glasses up with their booty lotion. ;)


Lucky you! Unless I've just missed them, we don't have any good strip clubs in Houston. It's ALL silicone and cheap plastic platform shoes, bah!


"Abcess on her labia?"

Awww, just reading that makes me want to cross my legs until I die. Ouch.


No strip clubs allowed (per some law) here, but we travel south on occasion and partake. I swear, that's the only place i can get a decent mixed drink. Besides, gettin' hubby a lap dance = bonus time for me later.

The ladies lost their appeal to me years ago when i heard them talking about potty training their kiddo's before getting on stage (the ladies restroom and their changing area were attached) We haven't been back since, but should really put this trip on the calendar!

Adam (Twitch)

That's it.....we're moving to Portland.


I blog because it reminds me how good life is and to look at what's beautiful in each day. I visit blogs like yours for the same reason. Thank you for bringing a brief relief of color and joy.

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