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April 26, 2011


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Rachel R.

Thanks for the shout out! We had a lot of fun! In fact, we may go back this Friday to listen to the Holocaust speaker. And you're good at hiding your fears. I had no idea that you were so stressed about your novel. Perhaps, those hot-as-hell shoes took your mind off of it for a bit.


You can ask me any questions you like =) I pictured Nick as Joe Manganiello, aka alcide from True Blood. ( Am I close? I hope so ;) I also pictured Ella as Kate Walsh, although that might be because she's the first redhead that came to mind.

Katie N

I read it in one sitting. :) And although I did keep picturing you with this amazingly great story pouring out of you, Ella was her own person. I did have a few, "hey, I went to school with the AUTHOR of this book moments." Well done, and congratulations.

Tell Joel to time his "special time" in the bathroom more appropriately next year! I love the play dough cakes (and the chef is pretty cute, too).

Amanda P. Westmont


Joe Manganiello! So totally Nick! Although Kate Walsh would have to gain 50 pounds to play Ella, she's still supah hawt. I like the way you think!


Genoa is killing me in these photos! Ham indeed. And it is amazing how many eggs they can accumulate in just "3 minutes"! I love the treasure hunt idea. At least there are clues. My dad used to hide our baskets and then albums(when we got older). Do you know how hard it is to find skinny little albums? One year-it took me a week to find. He taped it up underneath the couch. I'm so dating myself! It was worth it-Michael Jackson's Thriller . . . .


Great book. I'm crying.

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