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January 20, 2010


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i am pregnant and thus far have hated hot dogs and eggs (separately) for the past few months. HOWEVER, this made me hungry. so i'm gonna make it tomorrow morning. :)

bethany actually

I don't even really like hot dogs that much...yet I am greatly intrigued by this recipe. I bet my dad and my husband would both love it!

Sandy Carpenter

I'm on the beginning of a 3 week all skim milk diet in prep for my gastric bypass (Feb 9th!) surgery (did you have to do that?) So I would now like to eat the computer screen. I can't wait to try this later!

maureen quinnell

Well that's dinner tonight sorted - that is my kind of cooking. thanks for sharing.


That does look/sound really good! And what's wrong with gray grout? I like it. Are you kidding me with the bleaching crap??

Rayne of Terror

How easy is that! I wonder if I have any hotdogs in the fridge.

Rayne of Terror

@Sandy My mom has Rue in Y gastric bypass 11 months ago and didn't have to do any special diet prior to the surgery. She has lost 120 lbs and feels awesome.


You're using fancy hotdogs, so this is NOT ghetto.

Also, my dad makes the best eggs in the WORLD. Maybe it's a dad thing?


I introduced my husband to this recipe (my dad raised us kids on it) and he did, in fact, call me "ghetto"....but now he asks for it at least once a week!


This looks like something my kids will love, and my husband too!




The "Breakfast Master" needs to weigh in here. With a non-stick pan there will be sticking so add a little butter to alleviate.

I usually add a little pepper to the eggs when I scramble them.

The hot dog to egg ratio is actually 2 eggs per hot dog or 1-1/2 depending on your score on the meat tolerance index.

Lastly, as a finishing touch, try adding a liberal sprinkling of shredded sharp cheese over the top.



ooh, I LOVE those hot dogs as well. Thanks for showing me a new way to enjoy them!


I've been missing your recipes, thanks Amanda!

Kristine Nichols Marsh

Yum! Were doing breakfast for dinner tonight too! My daughter likes this done w/ spam..which is more trailer cuisine. Happy 2 see you posting recipes again.


Okay, so I ended up here because of the spam that someone put on under your name. Have you tracked down who did it?

So, the recipe looks great, up there with "Rack of Spam" and "Potato Chip Sandwich" from "White Trash Cooking". This is not a criticism.

One thing I would suggest, though, is get yourself a big-ass black iron skillet. A *very* small amount of butter or oil is all you need to keep things from sticking, and it browns *much* better.

Keep it seasoned (don't wash it with soap, or gads, the dishwasher -- just keep it wiped down with a small amount of water after using).

But even more importantly, Teflon is really not good for you, and even if you use non-scratch plastic implements, it *does* end up in the food, and in your body in long-term storage. Gross.

Leah Rubin

This looks awesome,and thanks for the tip on the TJ dogs! I love TJ's, and somehow never picked up on these.

We make salami and eggs all the time, but this looks better somehow!

Have you eaten the TJ frozen gyoza? Their name for the pot stickers-- awesome!


I bet this would rock with bratwurst!


Seriously, that is like a Mexican delicacy. Weenies con huevo!! Holler! Been eatin' that stuff for years. My kids love it, too.


I just finished eating it and it was great. This was my first time making hot dogs and eggs. I love how easy and quick it was. I will definetly be making this for breakfast from now on.

Therese Z

This is the kind of thing we ate in the 60's when the paycheck and the refrigerator were both at low ebb. Sometimes we had that canned brown bread with it. It was good with ketchup on it, too.

Taint one thing wrong with it. People eat too fancy these days.


I'm making this for breakfast for the first time tomorrow morning. Why hot dogs are "sausages" so this makes perfect sense. I know my two men will love it.

lorna vanderhaeghe products

You can also cook it like an omelet with the hotdogs added.


Thank you so much for this!


Why do you consider this a "ghetto" recipe?

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