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April 02, 2009


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bethany actually

I LOVE the new tagline, it's utterly and completely perfect! Who came up with it?


Hi Amanda,
I'm a regular reader but I don't think I've ever commented. anyway, I've been secretly envying your hair. I have long curly hair that always ends up in a ponytail. This is just my longwinded way of asking..can you PLEASE post some pics of your hair so I can show my hairdresser and steal your style. lol


Can you do a Rest or Quiet Time? Both my boys have to have a time alone where they don't HAVE to nap (though some days the 3 year old still crawls into bed), but they have to stay quite, in their rooms. They can play with the toys there, look at books, listen to books on CD, or do "projects" with crayons/paper. I tell them it's because Mommy needs her quiet time. At this point it really is for me, not them, and it's when I get a few hours of work in (usually I make them stay there from 1-3...Now that it's getting nicer I'll let them go out at 2, or play together from 2 on, as long as they give Mommy her quiet time). Oh, and I love your tag line!


Happy birthday! Welcome to 33! I didn't know Olive Garden sold their salad dressing so now I need to find my shoes and my keys because BYE!


Singing "Business Time" is one of my favorite pastimes. It's right up there with doing the "Sugalumps" dance. :)


Flight of the Conchords is awesomeeeee!! I wish i had HBO...


One word for your skin -- Clarisonic! Expensive but worth it. Good for wrinkles and acne.


I LOVE your new header too. Just sayin.


I also used quiet time once my daughter fought the nap. Sometimes she would even fall asleep in there...even now with half day K we still do quiet time from 2-3:30 but she does not have to stay in her room anymore just stay away from mommy.
And a note on the dressing...the dressing you buy in a package and mix with oil and vinegar in the handy pour bottle (new seaons italian ??)tastes a whole lot like olive garden dressing.....


I'm sorry you had an unhappy birthday, Amanda. So did I. In fact, my only consolation was that you were turning two years older than me, so thank you.

When Rachael reached Genoa's point in napping hell (about six months earlier, ugh), I had three options. 1. Wear her out with activity so I knew she'd nap on time. 2. Keep her awake at all cost so I knew she'd go to bed on time. 3. Let her sleep or not on her own imaginary schedule, including bedtime. Good luck. :/


Season 1 of Conchords was far superior to Season 2. And I listen to the soundtrack all the time.

Also? You are bee-yoo-tee-full.


LOVE the new banner, especially the tagline. You might be the most honest blogger on the Internet--you write about topics and share things about your family that many people would be too afraid to divulge (me included). Even when I don't agree with what you say, I respect and admire you for saying it!


The new header is great! (I was wondering what was up with the wood grain... I thought it was in process) The yellow is nice and bright.

I'm sorry about your nap-hater. I have an almost 5 year old nap-hater and, boy, some days its such a relief when he's in bed. Screechy, crabby, loud, crying. I hope your situation sorts itself out soon!

Also? LOVE Business Time. My husband and I and my brother's girlfriend will quote it at length and have ridiculous conversations about. I cannot get enough. That one, and The Humans are Dead. Oh! And! Hiphopopotamus Vs. the Rhymnocerous. Gosh, I'm addicted.


Love love love the new look. And OMG, props for posting a pic of yourself on the blog with no makeup on! You must share your makeup tips.


My personal favorite is "The Humans are Dead"!


I think you look awesome without makeup! And like you're about 20.


I think watching "Business Time" is going to put me into labor...

Love the new look, tagline, your hair, the all too familiar look on Genoa's face (which is why Bella will continue going to daycare part-time after I start staying home with new baby), and well, just YOU, in general.

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