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January 21, 2009


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Mrs. Why

Hey, if you guys make over $250,000 a year, I think you'll be just fine paying more in taxes.


From each according to their ability to each according to their need. Where have I heard that before?

Amanda P. Westmont

Mrs. Why: No. Not even close, but the new administration and its followers seem to vilify the fact that we WANT TO. Isn't that the American dream?

And mark my words, that number? $250,000? Is going to come down. Dramatically so. Obama has big ideas, but money doesn't grow on trees. It grows on the backs of people who plan well, struggle to better themselves and work hard every day, like my husband.


I kept clicking back to your blog yesterday to read your twitter about keeping your silence to not ruin it for everyone else. It helped me keep my sanity yesterday amongst all the mania on the web. I appreciate you so respectfully stating your opinions today. My husband and I have the same fears. I hope we are all wrong.


For me, the American Dream is about living a happy, meaningful life, not about making as much money as humanly possible. I work for a big health non-profit, my spouse is a middle school teacher; we're responsible with our finances and happy with our life choices.

Amy H

Man, I totally know what you mean about that morning wake up. It doesn't matter how early I wake up for some alone time (not a book, but just ANYTHING), my youngest will no doubt wake up, too. So frustrating. I don't have any tips on that one.

As for Obama, I say let's give him a chance. I was pretty happy for our country yesterday with the peaceful transfer of power (take that, African nations!) and the civility of it all (Bush was super gracious throughout). I think his speech was not over-the-top and so far his policy announcements and selections have been pretty centrist.

I gave Bush a chance even though I did not vote for him. I didn't start disliking him until early 2003. Hopefully those who didn't vote for Obama can give him a chance as well. No sense in looking for the bad in everything right off the bat or you will just be unhappy for the next 4-8 years. Trust me, I know the feeling...


even if you "plan well, struggle to better yourself, and work hard every day" like my husband does as well, it doesn't always work out... trust me. my husband worked as an airline pilot and lost his job in april. he still hasn't found a job here in the us and isn't likely to any time soon... count yourself lucky and count your blessings...


Thanks heavens for your blog. A safe haven from all the worship of the One.


Thank You Amanda! This is the first site I have visited that is not positively orgasmic over Obama. I posted a comment on another site yesterday saying that 49% of the population aren't in love with this guy and it got deleted.

I am very afraid for the future and what it will mean for my family and the future of my children. My husband's company already decreased his salary by about 25%, which is hitting us hard. But at least we have a job, unlike many.

On the other hand, I got the stuff for the Cashew Chicken yesterday and have it all marinating in the fridge. It smells To Die For! and I am very much looking forward to it. I also mixed up some Magic Meatloaf and stuck it in the freezer. I am an avid freezer cook and have many super delish recipes if you would like any. I am experimenting with converting the Cashew Chicken to a freezer meal.

Sorry for writing a book for my first comment! I enjoy your blog, good luck with your book project.


I know that Obama will have to earn the trust of those who voted against him, but it is incumbent on those whose trust he still seeks to attempt to shed their partisan blinders. It's okay to be highly skeptical, but please don't be cynical. Obama has given us no reason to believe he will raise taxes on the middle class. In stark contrast to the last eight years, Obama represents hope for the middle class. I think Obama gets it. He gets that the backbone of our country is the middle class and I take him at his word that he will fight for us, not against us. If you give him him a chance, I'm confident you will be pleasantly surprised.


I think that kids have that same sense that dogs do - when parents are up it must disturb The Force or something and make them want to pop up to make sure we aren't doing anything interesting, or eating without them.

I'm sorry you aren't able to join in with the general excitement of the country right now. Hopefully you will be pleased as time passes. While I have been in a state of increasing dismay over the past few years, I have managed to grit my teeth and growl at myself to respect the office, if not the person. I think that some things will probably happen that you aren't going to like, but hopefully many things that you *do* like will. Hang in there.

Alias Mother

Look, I can't argue arcane economic policy or political history because that stuff makes me want to stab my eyeballs out. This is all I know:

*My life is measurably worse than it was eight years ago. My health care costs have skyrocketed (despite being amazingly healthy), my student loan payments have gone up, our savings account is nearly at zero, and we live like paupers. (And, once again, my husband and I work hard, too.)

* A quick check of my 401k shows that I will be retiring sometime in 2192.

* Our national debt is so high that my brain cannot even process it. Thanks to the "conservative."

* There are Americans dying all over the world, seemingly without any plan or purpose.

* Until Tuesday, I did not believe that my life was ever going to improve. I did not believe that anyone in Washington truly thought there was a problem. I thought everyone felt like you and Dave do: that all my problems were brought on by my gross negligence and ignorance and not by the fact that the deck is stacked against us right now. We are being squeezed from every angle.

So, yeah. I was ready for a change and a breath of fresh air and for someone (ANYONE) to say, "Look, it sucks right now. We can make it better, but we need to suck it up and work together."

I'm sorry you didn't hear that message.

Alias Mother

Oh, and I should add that I am definitely not an Obama-maniac. I'm a skeptic. But not a cynic.


you wont be signing the check, they'll take it out long before you have an opportunity to write a check.

Alias Mother

I really, really, really hope that ha's comment is sarcasm gone horribly, horribly wrong.


His tax and welfare policies will indeed transform our political system. In the name of short-term stimulus he will give every American family that makes less than $250K or $200K or whatever amount is eventually is decided on a welfare check of $1,000 euphemistically called a "refundable tax credit." (Keep in mind that about 1/3 of all households already pay no income taxes at all as part of their "fair share.") And he will so sharply cut taxes on the middle class that the number of Americans who pay no federal income taxes at all will end up rising from the current one-third of all households to more than half. In the process, he will create a permanent electoral majority that does not pay taxes, but counts on what will be ever-expanding welfare checks from the government as future democratic candidates compete with each other to re-distribute the most to their base. The dependency on the dole, formerly limited in pre-Clinton days to 14 million women and children on Aid to Families with Dependent Children, will now grow to a clear majority of the American population.

No, this will not be good for our country but will be good for the democratic party which will effectively be able to bribe their way into maintaining power. Very few will vote against their selfish self interest in being on the net receiving end of tax dollars.

Mrs. Why

Bet you cashed that check Bush mailed out in his first term, huh? And what about the economic stimulus Bush authorized at the beginning of this economic disaster?

Democrats voting their economic self-interest? Wow, I thought that was what Republicans have been doing for the last 20 years? I think Democrats are more likely to be voting for regulation to stop these horrid excesses on the part of corporate America, voting to secure health care for them and the people they care about, voting to extend help to the portion of our society stricken by the vicious cycle of poverty/drug addiction/sexual abuse and piss poor educational opportunities and voting for a man they believe is honest and good and will help restore our position in the world as something more than fodder for jihadist terrorist recruiters. Step into the light and give it a chance to warm your soul. It feels good.

Kelly J.

How refreshing to read a blog that is not all a quiver over Obama.

I wish for the continued security of our country, and her success in the world, but I disagree with Obama's proposed policies and do not wish him success in passing them.


Why are these people in your comments trying to get you to drink the kool-aid? If they have read you for any length of time they should realize you know where you stand on the issues.


I saw a bumper sticker that read "Somewhere in Texas a village is missing its idiot." I'm just so damn glad the idiot is home now.


my goodness david... you are a very opinionated man...


I echo Alias Mother's sentiments. I just recently lost a job that I'd had for a long time. Why? Because our economy sunk so low during Bush's Administration that these corporations have nothing else to do but lay off even their most dedicated employees!

The unemployment rate is the highest it's been since WWII!

WORLD WAR II! And the thing is, these thousands of individuals losing their jobs on a nearly daily basis are all having to file for unemployment because there aren't jobs out there for them to go to after their let go. And eventually that money that we recieve because we're unemployed and looking for those jobs that are not to be found is gonna run out.

And then we're all really, really screwed.

Just be thankful (this to Dave) that you have a good job. That you're not one of "us". Because being on this side of things really, really, REALLY sucks.

And I for one am insanely hopeful that Obama IS the change we need in this country.

You should hope for it to.


Wow, David. Your manifesto clearly illustrates the harsh partisan rhetoric that has come to define American politics of late. I don't see any value in it. You managed to blame the Democrats for all that is wrong with our country, without placing any amount of blame on the party that has been in power for the last eight years. That's amazing! You are obviously passionate about your politics, and that is great. However, your tone makes it seem as though your passion is first for your party, and second for your country. I know you will refute this, but reread your post before you do. How is your kind of cynicism good for our country? You paint a black and white only picture. The problems we face are not Democratic problems or Republican problems, they are American problems.

That being said, please try to be a little more open-minded of an Obama presidency, no matter how much it pains you. It might help to turn off the radio.


where did david's long post go?

kj @ Where my boys at?

I saw your twitter about keeping silent on 1/20 and I had to chuckle. I too felt the same way. I avoided the tv, even though it was a "moment in history". There are a lot of things I cannot stomach about this new "President" but I will not go into them here.

YEAH! for Geona's recent "about face". I hope it continues for you. We've had a child saftey door knob on the inside of our twin boy's bedroom door since they went in to the toddler beds. (with the monitor on at all times) It's all they know, and we know that they're safe inside and not getting into trouble in the rest of the house. Works for us.

We're saving money like crazy fools here too. Fingers crossed.

PS wasn't expecting this post to get so political... eeek.

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