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October 20, 2008


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michelle b

Delurking again to say "Owie" and I hope that you feel better soon. I HATE it when my teeth hurt.


I hate the dentist. I had a dentist drill my tooth with no anasthesia recently because it was so tiny & short that it was better to do that than to have those huge needles numb my whole mouth. In any case, I'm sorry! I hope your mouth feels better soon.

bethany actually

Yikes! I happen to be genetically blessed with good teeth, but still...there is no excuse for the fact that I went four years without a single visit to the dentist when I finally went in 1999. I was sure I would have cavities on that visit, but it turned out I just had sensitive gums and a couple of extra teeth that needed to come out.

Since then, I have not been to the dentist a single time. That's no dental care of any kind in NINE YEARS. It's awful. I have no reason to fear dentists; I've never had anything like a traumatic dental experience and have always been blessed with kind, gentle dentists and hygienists. Yet still, I ignore my dental health. Then there is the fact that my husband is in the Navy so each time we move I would have to find a new dentist and I already hate doing that for our doctors, so I put it off again and again.

I hope it makes you feel a little better to know you're not the only one. Good luck with the surgery tomorrow!


You will feel so much better when you have your crown. I had a similar problem this time last year. There is nothing worse than tooth pain. I'd take childbirth over tooth pain any day!

kj @ Where my boys at?

You made a great choice for the root canal/crown and being under for the procedure. I had two root canals within 4 months this pastyear and I wish I could have been knocked out for both! :)
You're mouth will thank you when it's over!


I am so sorry Amanda. I totally know how you feel. I too have bad teeth due to genetics. My Dad has "soft" teeth too. I have had 6 crowns, 5 root canals and I am scheduled to have a surgery to correct the last two root canals because they didn't get everything. So I am paying for two root canals twice! I am convinced the reason tooth pain hurts so much is because it is so close to your brain.
Although, I am the only daughter to get big boobs so I supposed I am luck in that respect!


I feel your pain!! I too have been blessed with genetically bad teeth (and big boobs!) I need to have two root canals right now and am too scared to make the appointment to have them done. I also have an additional FIVE cavities.
Stupid teeth.
Good luck!! I'll be thinking about you!!


We get multiple patients like you EVERY DAY at the office I work in- with neglected teeth because they hate the dentist or are just plain scared of going. You aren't alone on that. For the ones that are particularly nervous about the dentist we offer them valium. That's right. Valium. I enjoy the ones on it, because they are so out of it I could probably do a little chicken dance while waiting for their anesthetic to work and they wouldn't even notice.

Good luck, I'm sure it will be fine!

Nancy R

Sounds like the general is the way to go for you.

It was always hard for me to get back in the swing of things after each of the kids, and I once went almost two years without a dental visit. The hygenist exclaimed at least three times during my eventual cleaning about how clean my teeth were - such amazement about how little plaque there was - just couldn't believe how great of condition considering it had been almost two years... When her hands came out of my mouth and I had a moment to talk I said, "I was still brushing and flossing during that time."


Girl, I am right there with you. My story is very nearly the same - had a dentist drilling on my teeth when SEVEN shots of novacaine never numbed me.

(I kept telling her I could feel it and she'd say, "Are you sure? Maybe you just THINK you can." Like bitch, have you ever seen Marathon Man?)

I too avoided the dentist after that (never had that particular tooth fixed either) b/c I was so scared. And scarred.

What I learned from another dentist, when I finally surrendered and went in BECAUSE MY TEETH WERE STARTING TO BREAK OFF is that some people's nerves back in the jaw run higher or lower than others. If you tell your dentist that your hard to numb, and he's a veteran, he can probably find your nerve.

Anyway, I've also considered sedation dentistry. Please let us know how it goes.


Oh, honey. I'm so sorry you had a bad experience. I've had my share of un-fun times in dental chairs, but the office I'm going to now is the best I've ever been to (Thurston Oaks Dental). I think you've made the right decision on how to receive treatment and when it's all over, you're going to feel great. I just got the last of my (8? 10?) cavities filled yesterday and dare I say I enjoyed the visit? The long-ass needle is the hardest part and I told the wielder that birth is easier because you can move and there's no needles (for me). So other than acquiring a bit of a sore jaw, I don't mind going...anymore. I wish you the same.

cindy w

I avoided the dentist for like, um... 6 years. Then I was paranoid about needing to go when I was pregnant because I knew they wouldn't give me drugs, so I flossed and brushed like there was no tomorrow. Five weeks post-partum, one of my teeth broke. Found out then that I had 7 other cavities. Good times.

I found it helped to take a xanax before going to the dentist, but I know you mentioned a while ago that you can't take it while nursing, so I don't know if that would help or not for you.


Totally FEEL your pain! I read this just before I was headed off to the dentist to have a crown put on. Its a long, ugly story, but I've been mostly in pain with the same group of teeth for 2 months now. Grrrr. Damn the bad genetics! (I think I'd trade my big boobs for good teeth... you can always have the girls enhanced!)
ANYWAY- you said general anesthesia... that's some big stuff. What about conscious sedation? That tends to be a bit easier on your system (and porbably your wallet too!).
Good luck with whatever you decide!


Hi Amanda! I hope all went well today and that you are feeling better! Let me know if there is anything you need! :) Brandy


omg, that video scares me! and I am not afraid of dentists!

Abby's nice for me to know that I'm not the only (intelligent, well groomed, SCARED) woman that's ever been through this! I learned my lesson in a very similar way ten years ago and will NEVER skip a hygiene appointment again!

My main reason for not going to the dentist was financial - so darned expensive! Well...I didn't save my family ANY money by not going to the dentist! Just cost us lots of money and myself lots of pain.

Hope you are recovering nicely. I remember my root canal as a very not unpleasant experience. Expensive but not painful!


Holy crap--can I come by sometime and bring you soft, cold things? Like sorbet? Or milkshakes?

Kathy C.

You underwent GENERAL anesthesia for a dental procedure? Wow! Never heard of that. Hope you're feeling better and on the mend.


Just wanted to add that I always dread dental procedures because I have memories of unpleasant dentist visits when I was little but nowadays the dentists are so skilled it really doesn't hurt at all. I think the anticipation and worry beforehand is usually worse than the actual procedure. At least in my case.


Careful with the Tylenol. No more than 4 grams a day and make sure you count what's in the Vicodin. I would think ibuprofen would work nicely. I hope you feel better soon.

Betty and Boo's Mommy

So sorry you're dealing with all of this, Amanda. Been there, done that MANY a time. I have really crappy teeth and yes, have three (count 'em, three!) broken ones as I type. I feel for you.

A coworker of mine was told on Monday that she needs $20,000 of dental work. She was in my office crying. Terrible.


I feel, you Amanda. My mother has never, ever been to the dentist. She automatically dislikes everyone she encounters. According to her, "kind dentist" is an oxymoron.

Good luck, and I hope you get better soon.

Oh, and that video from Little Shop of Horrors is just...DISTURBING.


How are your vit-D and calcium? Just asking, because my teeth are crumbling... and I need lots of work that I cannot afford - - - and my levels are in the toilet.

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