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October 24, 2008


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How exciting! I can't wait to hear all about your party...I'm the same way when it comes to entertaining...I LIVE for it, and I'm an obsessive pre-planner, cooker, and decorator.

Unfortunately, even without kids, I, too, have to save the last-minute cleaning for truly last-minute. We have cats, one of which is a long-haired Himalayan, and his hair gets EVERYWHERE...I really don't want my guests to see white cat hair in their appetizers, or get up from my couch with their black pants covered in cat fur.

Tana Davis

WOHOO!! Can't wait!!!

Kendall's Mom

Details, ARE the hostest-with-the-mostest. How very spooky and very "Martha" of you to get REAL LIVE MICE just for the party. You think of EVERYTHING!!


You are a trooper for doing it so soon after the tooth incident.
How's this for poor party timetable planning: Halloween party next friday. Monday they are tearing apart my kitchen/ floor/ drain/ entry way because our kitchen drain pipes are broken under the slab floor. They tell me they will be done by Friday.
Eagerly looking forward to your post party post so I can start the decorations (in the garage) and put them up as the plumbers are leaving friday. You can bet we are doing pot luck / and paper. We may end up eating in the garage.


hey gf! First, I tried 2post u good thoughts the other day, but my phone froze. Second, how I SO WISH I was going 2 ur party!!! U are SUCH a great hostess, and ur are awesome!!! It goes without saying to have a couple drinks 4 me! ;)


I've been a fan of Dyna Moe's for so long, and also a fan of yours, so it's very exciting to see both things come together here!!


I'm so impressed. Definitely not a hostess myself, which makes me admire you all the more.


I wish we could have been there! Sounds like such a blast! I was distantly hoping we'd be able to stop by, but we were zonked after the funeral and Em's recital. Can't wait to see you tmro!

Kate :)

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