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June 04, 2008


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except for #6 and #7 (although I have a blog, I don't use it!) I'm right there with ya!


Wow, I'm impressed with the no Starbucks thing. I get Starbucks on Sundays (we are out all day long for church, so it is actually a cheap "meal"), but my husband goes there every morning to study. It kills me a little bit. Granted, he gets a tall drip coffee, but he also gets a pastry. I say nothing because it is impossible for him to study with the baby screaming and me ranting about whatever I read on the news at home, but #1 the money, and #2 I'd like to go and sit quietly at Starbucks every morning with no one talking to me!


You crack me up. Speaking of hair....weren't you going to cut yours?


I know what you mean about buying clothes at JC Penny & Kohl's. My mom is always bugging me that I should buy nicer (read: more expensive) clothing because the quality is so much better and they'll last forever. I decided I like my method better- I'm going for quantity not quality at this point in my life!


I love saving money here and there too, but we can't get out of Costco for under $100 (usually more!). I just recently discovered your blog and love it.

-Alison, a fellow Aggie


wow where do you find 2 for $7? i can easily spend $300 at costco but i'm buying diapers to last 2 months for 2 kids.


You are doing great !


It's good that you didn't go to Starbucks this year. That's a lot of money you're saving.

I buy Starbucks whole bean coffee at Costco. I brew my own coffee whenever I want some. I save a lot of money that way. Costco rocks.


Great job on the saving... it's hard sometimes, but you do good!

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