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June 25, 2008


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cindy w

OMG, you look SO PRETTY!!! Seriously, I *love* the new haircut. And I'm all teary thinking about the little girl that's going to get your hair. That is so cool.

Susan too

I think it looks great! Very hip mama!


I absolutely LOVE IT. I went through the whole "oh, but my long hair is so pretty!" thing before I cut mine, too (you've seen the pictures, I could sit on that shit) but the reality was that I had it up in a big heavy wet bun 99.9% of the time. That doesn't count.

You're beautiful. I really, really, REALLY love it.


You are beautiful.


You are beautiful.


You are beautiful.


Wow! I love it! It looks especially good once it's dry too.

(See, and now I wonder why I ever did think your hair was doesn't look red at all in any of those pictures. Maybe I need an eye checkup)


So cute and sassy...

To control the fro factor (which I am a lifelong expert on and of which I've tried every single product under the sun) I recommend Aveda Curl Control.


It is fabulous. FABULOUS! I was not going to say "NO, don't cut it" but you have such fab hair and I thought I was gonna be sad with the outcome, but nope. It's just amazingly YOU.

Now, don't use Locks of Love. It's a scam. Look it up on the Google. There are other organizations that are not scams. But that one is. Really. They throw out like 80% of the hair they get. It's so upsetting.


I love the new look, and I really love that your donated hair will make a little girl so happy.

What I love most about your new look is how refreshed and youthful you look!


It looks amazing.
I have donated to Locks of Love three times, it is a wonderful organization. I mean really- what is the point of all that hair if it is in a ponytail all the time! Now you can see it.


A truly fabulous job - you will most certainly feel the benefits in the warmer weather. And, of course, think of the money you'll save by using less shampoo and conditioner!

When people say that you look much better after a haircut it always sounds like a very backhanded compliment, but you really, really do!


Hooray! I love it!!


Can I drop the F-bomb here? Because that's how much I LOVE IT. You look so great and fresh and new!


Hi, Amanda! Oh my goodness....I LOVE IT! You look great! Seriously, it looks incredible!!


I think it looks fabulous, definitely brings out your facial features much more.

Can I second the caution to do a little more research before donating to Locks of Love? From my research, they throw out a lot of the hair they get and also sell a significant portion in Asia to keep the company running. Only something like 1 in 100 donations get made into wigs. There are several alternative organizations, none of which I can remember this early in the morning


Yes, do research Locks of Love but they ARE a great organization. They do sell some hair but the profits still go back to helping kids.

Your hair is beautiful! If it gets too poofy for your taste you may need a few layers stuck in there (this coming from another fellow curly!).


You look fantastic---the cut brings our your pretty facial features and makes your face look thinner and your cheekbones more dramatic. Plus....the idea of a little girl getting your gorgeous long curls is just wonderful. Congrats on a great decision!


Your cut looks great! It makes you look much more sophisticated & pulled together. Gorgeous!


I love it too. Even the pictures that you say it is starting to poof a little.


I used to work for American Cancer Society and we never referred people to donate to Locks of Love because they DON'T give out free wigs (that was just one reason amongst a variety of others). I would highly recommend researching Wigs for Kids which does give out free wigs (and not just for kids who lose their hair to cancer treatment) or another of your choice...


Manda, you look AWESOME. That haircut totally suits you.


Lookin' good!


I love it! It's so cute on you!


Your after photos with your hair dried make you look like a 1940's Hollwood Roxy out of "Chicago" just with brown hair instead of blonde. Simply beautiful.

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