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June 27, 2008


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cindy w

Dude, you do NOT have housewife hair! You look fantastic. I don't know what Dave's talking about with the housewife comment, it's not like you went for the football helmet 'do.

Since high school, my hair length varies from chin length to just past my shoulders, so your version of short hair is actually kind of long on my scale. (And my husband would never in a million years tell me that he didn't like my haircut, because that is a mean and hateful thing to say, so I totally think you should pinch him on the back of the arm every time he says something negative about your hair. Call it aversion therapy.)


Dude! You look HOT! And so what if you look like what you are: a sexy, beautiful woman who takes great care of her kids and cooks awesome food, among other things. Housewife shouldn't be a put down, so take it as a great compliment. :)
It isn't like you look like Alice from the Brady Bunch or anything.
And agreed, most men are weird about the long hair thing...


I think you hair looks fabulous. As someone whose Significant Other is always unhappy with my choice of hairstyles (I've grown it long, he prefers it short), I can totally sympathize...

But oh well! In the end, it is YOUR hair. If you like this haircut, than keep it! It looks great on you!


I think your haircut looks great on you. Maybe tell your husband if he likes long hair so much, he can grow his own hair long. :)

Photographer Lori

Dave's comment was tame compared to what my husband said when I cut my hair. First he just looked at me, then down at the ground, then mumbled...Wow, you look...nice. (I knew he hated it!) But then he said I looked like a 60 year old housewife who goes to the beauty parlor to get their hair done! LOL


You look so young and sophisticated. I can't believe he hates it! Those men and their long hair fetish (well, most of them anyway).

Love Larry McMurtry too. But not as much as I love your hair.


I'm glad Dave's comment didn't hurt your feelings. It kinda hurt MINE though! That was mean.
You look great! Often long hair can just look "I haven't cut my hair in a long time - a.k.a. I'm not interested in maintaining my appearance" ya know? But you look fantastic!


I loved that book too. I took it on vacation just because it was long and I ended up loving it. I'm also a big fan of The Last Picture Show. It's WAY shorter but also good.
Your hair is even cuter on Day Two! A good sign!


OMG--your hair is fabulous! It's the complete opposite of 'housewife.' I just got my chopped too, but yours looks much better.


HellOOOOOOOOOO hotness.

I love the hair. Shorter, sassy, sexy. It's got everything. Tell Dave I'd be glad to run my fingers through it!


That is so NOTTTT housewife hair. I'm happy to show Dave a picture of for-real housewife hair if you'd like...starting with a picture of the haircut my mom had for 20 years AFTER Dorothy Hamill. Yuck.

And we? Still have small TV. Maybe this year, when I have two kids to entertain while I try to take a shower, we will finally do something about that.


Our family dog growing up, who my parents still have, is named Agustus McCrae, Gus for short. My brother was younger than 10 when he watched the movie Lonesome Dove and it quickly became his favorite.

Loving the hair! All of my friends say the same thing about their husbands, but mine is different - he's begging me to cut my hair short! It's always in a ponytail, like yours was, but it seems the shorter I cut it, the poofier it gets. No thank you!


Wow! I missed the hair post the other day (just read it now), but it made me smile to see the picture here. It looks so good. I'm glad you're liking it too. Sounds easy. Easy is GOOD.

And yeah, "housewife"??? I don't think so. This look is anything but.


I had hair down to my butt, cut off 10" for "Locks of Love", let it grow back, went to get a LIGHT layered trim for the ends the guy did such an awful job that daughter said it looked like a "horses ass" in the back. Went to a real Salon and we spent 6 mos. fixing it.
The husband & I have an agreement NOTHING above tops of shoulders.
Your hair looks awesome & I can relate to the waking up as medusa. My hair was so thick and wavy it looked like someone tried to surf in a hurricane in the am. LOL


Still loving your hair. Husbands! They are crazy, no?

Would you mind emailing me info on the new TV (make, model, cost, etc.)? We just moved into our new house and are in the market for a new, hip-as-our-new-home TV and yours looks awesome in the photo. I'd really appreciate it!

Amy H

Dave is wrong, wrong, wrong! you look great!!! I love the new hair and I think he is nuts for saying such a terrible thing.



The first rule of being friends with anyone (even if it is over the interweb-thingy and we will never meet!) is that you never overtly criticise their Significant Other - however, Dave needs to remember what we all tell our children about if you have nothing nice to say ..... Whatever, ignore him totally on this subject - you look great!


I think long hair is kind of... weird. Like animalistic or something. One of my sisters has long hair, and even though it's not mine, just looking at it makes me feel overwhelmed. Like it's so cumbersome or something. I much prefer shorter hair, especially when it's adorable like yours!


Hey! I love Lonesome Dove too. FANTASTIC book.


You are gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, and while I might slightly agree with the housewife description, I say it with nothing but love, baby. You're the housewife we all want to be! Totally hot, making amazing food from scratch, still smitten as a kitten with your husband. Be a housewife! Be an AWESOME housewife!


Dave is wrong. Your hair looks great, and looking at the before picture, the new cut makes your face look so thin! Looks awesome!

Must be Motherhood

You look FANtastic. Truly. Your long hair was gorgeous and I'm not surprised your husband misses it. BUT I think you look sexier and more sophisticated with the short 'do. It nearly causes me to rethink my current hair plans b/c my hair would curl in much the same way as yours does short. And I wanna look hawt too! :)


You do NOT look like a housewife! You look fab, fab, fab. It takes years off you - don't listen to your husband - what do they know?!


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