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February 21, 2008


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Don't beat yourself up over your children being sick and you not realizing it. It is so hard to tell, when they are that small, if their sick or if it's just a bad day. They will bounce back quick!


I'm so sorry--that sucks! Let me know if you need anything!


Aww, the poor kiddos! Ethan used to get ear infections all the time- but I NEVER knew about them until there was puss coming out of them (gross!). They'll probably be fine tomorrow and acting like nothing even happened!
Adorable pictures, by the way!


The pink eye/ear bug is going around here too. Two moms did the same thing...took kids in for the eyes and found they had ear infections. What can you do if all the signs aren't there?


Oh, I've had doctor's appointments like that too, where I bring them in for their shots, and the doctor is like "They're one step away from death!" and I think "Oh, really? They seemed ok to me!".
Oh the guilt.


What a beautiful picture of our daughter.


At 5yo my son ran a 104 fever went to Dr. both ears double infected so severe they wanted to put him in overnight. Never had a clue! The Dr. said sometimes they get so infected they lose feeling. OOO and pink eye! "Gob" bless 'em. What a pain in the arse! We lived through all the lovely stuff don't we. When your a g-mom you never miss the signs! LOL


The ear thing happened to us this week, too. She was just a little grumpy, but otherwise fine. Doc said eardrum was close to rupturing, too, and she wouldn't be surprised if it did (thankfully, it didn't). That pink goop stains shirts like no tomorrow, but is amazing for making them feel better!

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