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October 15, 2005


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The Xterra looks pretty macho. Let us know what it feels like after you drive it. But definitely intriguing since it looks so sporty and powerful.

(I was also in love with the Vue until I did more research on it. I ended up going the Odyssey route, but was originally hoping for something sporty!)

What color? :)


I totally drive a vue and it is totally testicle worthy!

It has the room of a minivan, but it drives like a car and most importantly..IT LOOKS BITCHEN, and the gas mileage is pretty sweet too.

I have had mine for 9 months and love it. ( of course if funds weren't the problem I would totally upgrade to a Toureg!)

PS my husband has major testicales (he is in the army national guard and worked as a roofer/construction worker for years) and he LOVES to drive the VUE!

Good luck and let me know if you have any questions about the VUE


We considered a Vue, but neither of us were really ever on board with the idea. We've got a Pacifica, and we love it. The gas mileage sucks, but other than that it's fabulous.

I know a family with three kids in car seats and they have an Xterra. Not that you intend to have three kids in car seats. Never mind.


Dude. Same. Life.


The Xterra is at the top of our list of future SUVs. Seriously. We rented one when we went to Disneyland in July, and it was BADASS. Soooooo easy to drive and really easy to handle. Loved it. Whenever we're out on the road now, we always point to one, because it catches our eyes and say, "Yup. That's it."

I could have saved you a day of car-shopping, but it probably wouldn't have been as much fun. ;)


i understand needing a bigger and newer vehicle, but i still don't get the SUV need. let me know when you strap a kayak to it or parachute. :-) how is the gas mileage?


and i hope the bad mojo is gone gone gone. *hug*


Agreed. No bad mojo. Begone!

And I'm glad Dave gets to keep his testicles.

Isn't this one of those "car-based" SUVs, like my Mom's freaky-cool Lexus? So it's smaller and gets more car-like gas mileage, right?

Elizabeth Jones

We have a Toureg and although I still think it is one of the coolest cars out there - pretty, fast, comfortable seats, etc. it is one of the most expensive cars to maintain that we've ever owned. It costs about $100 per oil change (although we only have to do that every 5,000 miles instead of the normal 3,000). We have to use premium gas, and since we bought it in October 2003, we have had to buy new tires for it twice.

Anyway, we will probably be getting a new, more economical car at the end of the year, so keep us updated on your findings!


Yay! New car smell!

I love my minivan. I opted to steer away from the SUVs because I'm so short that it would have been hell getting the kids in and out, and I really like being able to throw everyone into the car and then walk around between the seats to buckle everyone up and then get to my seat. That way, they are contained, and if it's raining, I'm not running around the exterior of the car.

Although, hello. We live in freaking No. California. Like we get so much extreme weather.


Gas mileage?
$3.25 a gallon here.....

Rayne of Terror

We have friends with an XTerra and they have nicknamed it the X Terrible because it's so badass. I would ONLY buy the yellow one. It's such a great color. Why doesn't the Maxima come in bumblebee yellow I wonder. I had a Nissan Sentra for several years and it was a super car on gas milage.

Rayne of Terror

Oh, Click and Clack say, try the Honda Odyssey. I would totally test drive one of the boxey Honda SUVs that are marketed at Generation Y.


If you like the Xterra, you should also check out a Honda Pilot. Both are wicked cool.

Amber Wyman

At the risk of being practical and boring, I have to recommend the PT Cruiser. Being a car, it gets better mileage than an SUV. It is quite roomy inside, and everyone is surprised by that the first time they get in. It would be easy to fit two carseats in the back and they wouldn't be squished against the back seats. As for you wanting to sit higher, the seats are at regular chair height, not low like most cars, so it's very easy to get in and out of (especially when pregnant).


Want some unsolicited advice? ;)

I had an Xterra before I got pregnant with my first daughter. It was great for a lot of the reasons you said, it's easy to get the baby in up high, nice hp, you sit up high in the front yadda yadda yadda.

When I got pregnant with my second daughter, it was much more difficult to lift my 25 pound toddler into that high back seat. Once the baby was born there would have been no way for my family and my dad (who we live with) to all go out to dinner in a single car, what with the two carseats in the back. I have the bruises from sitting on one butt cheek in the back of a Maxima during the hurricane evacuation in Houston to prove that you can't fit a third person between two carseats!

A week before the second kids was born, we bought a Honda Odyssey. I hate being a minivan person, but I love that van like a third child! I loved my Xterra, but we just outgrew it.

All that said, I have a very low mileage, gently used 2002 Xterra if you live anywhere nearby :)


Hey there!

Long time lurker! Just moved on from a VW Passat wagon (gorgeous, but serious maintenance/electrical issues) to a Honda CRV SE (the classy one - but still cheap cheapy and reliable - with leather and AWD). Have fun, good luck, and do a ton of research.

I had a lot of luck with
(1) (saved me from getting totally ripped off at the dealership)


(2)subscription to Consumer Reports online. As I recall, Saturn Vue, not very reliable. Can't recall Xterra.


Ahhh Dave, but you can get the Saturn AND still be testacular! Just get yourself a set of these:

Isnt that nasty? One of our neighbors' teenage boys had them on his truck. In blue. Ew.


Blue balls on your neighbors truck?

I hope you protect your cars from vehicular molestation by parking them in the garage at night.


We recently bought a car with the "well, someday soon we'll have kids" idea in mind. I wasn't a big fan of the XTerra because I thought it was too boxy - just my personal taste, nothing against it. I really liked the Murano, which seems to be more of a car/SUV hybrid. We ended up buying a Subaru Tribeca, and we love it.

And seriously, this is the second time today I've read about balls on cars, and I had never heard of them before. The other site is They scare me.


We just bought a certified-used Honda CRV and love love love it. Small enough to get good gas mileage (nearly the same as an Accord) and roomy enough to fit anything you want into it. Plus the back opens up pretty low to the ground - easier for lifting strollers and groceries in.

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