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October 09, 2005


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Am I the first?! Congratulations!!


And while Shanghai may be China's largest commercial and financial center, I'm a little uneasy about you being in China while pregnant.

- I wouldn't want us to become unintended victims of China's one child policy. ;)


I'm with ya -- I missed my cousin's all-expenses-paid wedding in India while pregnant with #2. It's easy to think that I'll never have an opportunity like that again (He rode in to the ceremony on an elephant!), but I'm hoping that I'm wrong.

You're making the right decision, and I hope another opportunity comes your way, too.

Ms. Mama

These are just the sacrifices we have to make as parents. I will be missing a good friends wedding in India this February (he also gets to ride in on an Elephant) because I refuse to put my little pumpkin through all those extra shots at only 7 months old. And there is no way I will leave her behind. As much as I want to go to our friends wedding, and as much as I want to experience India, other things now are more important than what I would like to do.


Are you thinking of moving to Washington? I remember you said you liked it when you visited.


I am a bad "commentor" today.
I feel the need to comment but dont know what to say.

Let me just "second" all the above comments!


Aw, what a great time for your family right now! Congratulations!


I really want to go to China. I know I would be torn were I in your shoes, but I believe I would make the same decision, as much as it would pain me to do so. Congrats to your brother!

I had to miss a trip to Alaska for Kyle's best friend's wedding because I was moving - moving in with Kyle after two years of marriage. Not quite as momentous as pregnancy/motherhood, but limiting nonetheless.


Five months is not THAT pregnant. And one word for flying with a 2 year old - Benadryl.

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